About me

Absorbed Fashionista, founder Angelos Christodoulou, a man born and raised in Bristol, United Kingdom shares his passion for modeling and fashion with you through this blog. Think of this blog as an encyclopedia of all current and future trends, updated on a daily basis, providing you the ability to be perceived as a fashion absorbed man.

Hi everyone, before I present to you my first piece I would like to quickly share a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thank you to all of those amazing and fantastic people who have been supporting me from day one up until now with my dream. My dream to become a star in the fashion industry is the reason I am here today sharing my stories and fashion ideas with you. As you can imagine a dream usually seems so hard to achieve and you may feel so far away from it. Many times when you talk about it to others, you often get so many negative reactions and “advise”, mainly they say “don’t bother, there is no point, find something else, it will never happen..” That is how I felt at the beginning of this amazing journey.

During my younger years I was always looking at magazines, fashion shoots on the TV, Facebook fashion pages and Instagram posts, hoping one day that would be me. So I started a few modelling lessons, did a few shoots here and there, a couple fashion shows, met a few people in the industry and started from there.

I enjoyed what I did and saw myself capable of even more. So I decided to take this to the next level. I saw a few adds on the web looking for an experienced, strong new face to advertise their high fashion clothing company. I decided to try my luck with them. A lot of travelling was involved, preparing my portfolio and practicing my speech of introduction took me hours and hours. Unfortunately I did not get the position. I must admit that I felt beaten up, felt like this industry wasn’t for me anymore and I didn’t know what to do with myself. Then something hit me like a rock and I snapped out of my sadness and disappointment. I decided that wasn’t the end and wanted to try again.

My second attempt getting involved in the fashion industry was starting with another modelling agency which gave me the strength and the ability to see that I have it in me. I wanted to carry on with my adventure… and here we are today.

So for those who can relate to my story, I just want to give you the thumbs up and tell you that anything is achievable if you put your mind and soul to it. Just never give up, truly believe in the impossible and that way you will get there!