Long Line - Casual Wear

Long Line - Casual Wear

Sometimes it’s difficult finding an outfit that is comfortable yet extremely stylish. So let’s welcome the new oversized long line t-shirt to our wardrobes!

Long line t-shirts are insanely popular these days. What i love most about them, is that everyone can wear them. Whether you are tall or average height, super slim or medium to chubby. This can be the perfect look! The message is simple: a long line t-shirt that fits you perfectly will look better than one doesn’t because the slimmest fit isn’t always right for everyone. In this shoot i’m wearing a dark grey long line with a geometric pattern. Lately i’m loving the triangle print. This matches with either long blue or black jeans. You may want to wear trousers that are slim.

Below as you can see i went for a white and black jaguar print. Black trousers are definitely the only match. I believe white t-shirts are made for black trousers. So when you are shopping keep a lookout for long line t-shirts, make sure you go for something wide in the body and loose in the sleeves.


Hat: H&M
T-Shirt: H&M
Trousers: Pull & Bear
Shoes: Aldo
Photographer: Antonis Prodrodou

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